“Hannah is incredibly intuitive and grounded. She is so knowledgeable. Her healing work was and is very powerful and effective for me and my son. I feel very blessed to have found her.”
— Z. B. Connecticut

Clients’ Words


I looked at myself in a mirror this morning and fell in love with what I saw. The reflection reminded me of when I was at my lowest point in life and how I do not want to ever feel that way again. What I see now is complete control of mind, body and soul. What I am now reflects and bounces off to where I go, creating paths of clarity and magnetically attracting people, moments, ideas and things that contribute to my well being. If there is one person that helped me in this renewal process, I say, without a doubt, Hannah Moorhead is the one. About a year ago I had ended a long-term relationship and was fighting a wave of depression. I became extremely frightened of being alone. I had always depended on a partner and had never given myself a moment/time to be with me, understand me, and love me. Ever since I can remember I jumped from one relationship to another making impulsive and unnecessary decisions. This breakup hit me hard and instead of being conscious of the important cycle that just ended, I blocked myself and got involved in situations that only contributed to more depression and self-destruction. It suddenly hit me. I needed a radical change. I needed to get to the core of my emotions. I needed to recognize what was holding me back. Superficially it seemed something I could control. I mean I was the one who decided to put an end to the relationship, yet I wasn’t satisfied. I was trapped with total lack of confidence and had a big black cloud following me everywhere I went. Work, personal projects, friendships, they all became fragile. I kept ignoring the signs and continued with an unhappy life. I had always followed Hannah’s work and one day I decided to look more into it. I did research on her healing therapy technique and it grabbed my attention. At first I was a bit hesitant. My energy was so low that I had very little faith on anything that could potentially work positively on me. I had nothing to loose. I contacted Hannah and scheduled an appointment that little did I know would change my course of life forever.

With [this] therapy I was able to break into my past and discover the traumas that had impacted me in life and were the key factors in the patterns I kept repeating in situations I was not able to handle. I automatically reacted without knowing the source that made me hold the same negative emotions over and over again. With Hannah’s guide, I was able to recognize the exact moment I felt a negative emotion towards a negative situation in my life…feelings that impacted me so much I continuously repeated them, hence my reactions with men and relationships in general. Her energy and wisdom helped me clear away from these troubles and now, when I am faced with them, instead of impulsively reacting, I cautiously determine how I want to confront troubled situations and I choose what is best for me. I ultimately decide the path I want to take and since I’ve begun sessions with Hannah I am more secure and confident of what I want, and the single moments I’ve fallen back to old habits, I reflect (not react) and continue a path of clarity and mature intelligence. Every single aspect in my life has shifted and light has finally come through. Productivity, creativity, friendships, personal aspirations…I have been able to regain it all. Insecurities and worries come and go but to be able to handle them and learn from them is a key I’ve learned to hold thanks to the beautiful work and dedication of the wonderful Hannah Moorhead. Cant thank and recommend her work enough…she is the best!!!!”

— A. A. New york

"Hannah was brought in to my life by a friend of mine.  I really had no idea what her expertise was, but I'm open-minded enough to let her do her thing.  Well she did! I don't know what it is Hannah does exactly and quite frankly I don't care, what's important is, it works.  I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed and a few days after Hannah did her work I started to notice a lightness, like a load had been lifted from my shoulders.  Let Hannah do her energy work and you'll be amazed at what the results will be."

— Dr. S

I am so happy that I gave into my curiosities and finally have had some healings/readings/sessions with Hannah. My emotion code healing with Hannah has in a word changed my outlook on life. When I first met with Hannah she asked me if I had any particular things that I wanted to focus on. To be honest I didn't feel like there was any one thing that I felt needed improvement such as health, love, communication or etc. Hannah has a gift for searching deep within your subconscious and discovering what is ailing you. She had mentioned feelings of unworthiness and insecurity. Which was an eye opener because most times I feel like a overly confident person. But honestly, I was well aware of feeling those emotions creeping up ever so often. It's amazing how I now feel from only two sessions. I am definitely more clear headed. Almost a lightness to my being. Her skills helped me to identify issues that have stood in the way of business and personal  success. I am in the midst of starting my own business and this new level of clarity and confidence has really been astounding. I don't remember ever feeling so self assured. If you're lucky enough to know Hannah personally then you're well aware of what a genuinely caring person she is. This is a great asset in her healings as well as she truly makes you feel comfortable. Thankfully for me she is also an insightful listener because again, I wasn't sure what it was that I needed cleared. She was able to draw that out of me through my ramblings! Again, through her listening skills we were able to clear out some trapped emotions which helped me tremendously. I have had dehydration/digestion issues my whole life. Without being too frank I will say that within a few days after my sessions I was feeling much better and able to digest on a more frequent basis....Thank you, Hannah!”

— J.S. New York


It's strange how the sessions with Hannah came about. I just happened to be in town after a lot of traveling with work and was pretty beat. I felt like I'd been running on empty for a while and was so into work that I hadn't really found the time to sit down and actually reflect on myself or the events of the past few years. It's so easily done and can wear you out pretty quickly. So Hannah just, out of the blue, asked if I was up for [a session]. Perhaps because my exhaustion was that apparent or because, what I believe, Hannah has a real gift for reading people. She said that I may be carrying around stuff from my past, perhaps traumas I had blocked away or things I had picked up on my travels or inherited that were weighing me down. Straight away I jumped at the chance. In the end, you've got nothing to lose and to be honest, someone inquiring about my 'actual' well-being was worryingly unfamiliar. Sure, we talk to our family and friends about relationships and work, look after our bodies by putting it through the gym, feeding it good (and sometimes bad) things, relaxing in the sauna or yoga but there's this wall we build up that stops us dealing with the deep stuff. It's the kind of things that make us feel vulnerable and that any wise person would hide away, far away from the world. The idea of releasing some of these personal blockers and generally dealing with some of the traumas of my past was strangely appealing.


In particular because Hannah assured me that I would not have to go into the specific experiences or emotions she was releasing. So really, there was no vulnerability. It was like, through identifying them, I was able to say, "ok, i'm ready to let you go now" and then you can just tell it to go piss off. Like an ex or something. The sessions are like a shrink without the shrink. I didn't realize how much baggage i really was carrying around until it was released. I suddenly felt so much lighter and my mind clearer. I also felt like I understood some of my history and my own behaviours and tendencies more. It was like someone had placed a mirror in front of me and I had to just sit there and deal with the reality of myself. Some of these trapped emotions had been mulling around, pulling my insides apart for way too long. Hannah helped me to work through these and finally release them. I felt like i was doing my body and mind some real good, going way beyond the stuff I do every week for my surface-self. Not only my mind but also my body felt relief. I've had aches and pains in my lower back and shoulders since i can remember, often because inner anxieties lead me to hold myself a certain way. By releasing some of these embedded traumas, it felt like my muscles could finally relax. Hannah is a very insightful and unobtrusive person, so it's easy to let that guard down. I also believe she has a real gift and i hope she continues to carry on and help others like she helped me. Thanks Hannah. xx” 

— A. h. germany

Hannah and I met several years ago by chance, when I had been asking the Universe to lead me to a spiritual guide. I had just moved to NYC to go to acting school and was on a mind, body and soul quest so we fell perfectly into each other's paths. Since then, she has used her expansive and intuitive set of tools to humbly heal emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual blocks that were obstructing the flow of my life moment to moment, as well as those close to me who have found her as helpful as I do. Her skillset is beyond the conventions of society’s available prescriptions, and after each session I have found that she is the best asset to healing and helping me with the clarity I have been seeking. She has helped guide and nurture an abundant career as an actress that continues to grow, and has equipped me to navigate it's business and emotional demands with integrity. My life and relationships unfold with more ease and love as a result, and the trust we have built as co creators is next to none. Her guidance is essential to me and completely transformational - I am so grateful to have found her!”

— E. T. New york

***  ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL ***         “Hannah has helped so much with my Chihuahua. When I first rescued her, she would poop in areas of the house that were hidden. Hannah figured out she had shame and fear attached to going to the bathroom. Immediately after being worked on, she started using the paper.   After her surgery to get spayed, she was in a lot of pain. She was whimpering and being aggressive. Hannah worked on her and it immediately diffused the behavior, I was so impressed!   Highly recommend trying her for your pet!”

— Dr.W new york