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Hannah C Moorhead

My Story:
Over 20 years ago, I was cured of debilitating heart pain by an herbalist and acupuncturist (after seeing the top Western doctors with no success). I have researched and received energy healing in different forms ever since. I continued by expanding into addressing issues beyond physical ailments as well, such as clarity and confidence. I received help getting past emotional traumas. Now that I have finally become one of the givers as well as receivers, it's been such a beautiful, eye-opening, miraculous, ongoing journey. I have seen shifts in people and animals of all ages. When I began this work professionally, I was sometimes just as surprised as the client was when witnessing how much and how quickly they would evolve / heal / transform. I have learned anything is possible! I am filled with endless gratitude that I can be a source of knowledge, love and light to support healing and balance for all walks of life.

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Book a session for you, your child, your pet. Energy knows no boundaries; I have clients around the world and all ways of connecting are equally effective. Email me with questions and inquiries. Email link is below.



Continuing Education:

Food As Medicine - workshop series with Professor Drew Divittorio - 2013
The Art of Herbal Medicine Making - workshop series with Robin Rose Bennett - 2014
Ayurveda and Hands On Cooking - 4 part course with Divya Alter at Bhagavat Life - 2014
Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development Through Awareness - course of classes with Betsy LeFae - 2015


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Giorgia Hofer Photography 2017

Giorgia Hofer Photography 2017