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Packages, single sessions, and house clearings (for current clients) available.

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An introduction ….

My continuing education and ever expanding experience working with energy begets a sharp intuition and limitless "energetic toolbox." Release of trauma, triggers and emotional baggage from our lives is viable and doesn't need to feel like a treacherous mountain to scale in order to heal. We may release fear and gain confidence no matter how long we've been feeling otherwise. There is no need to "re-live" a trauma in order to get past it. There are no questions that cannot be answered. Most of us are unaware that there can be negative energy bound or embedded into our body systems like a parasite, or in a place we frequent, or attached to an item we constantly use. Unable to "put a finger on" where or how we might be burdened by indescribable negativity, we tend to feel unable to "fix" it for lack of understanding. Our subconscious mind, aura, or a physical organ might be "infected" by negative energy, stuck to us like a magnet or glue. A kind of adornment we might wear, like jewelry, clothing, body art - or a tool we use might be contaminated- which will undoubtedly affect us. A piece of furniture or a musical instrument might be affected/afflicted. (Yes, I have seen ALL of these examples.)

Tell me more

There are limitless types of energies that have proven to debilitate clarity, vitality, and general whole-body health. To illustrate, I have found ill-will, ancestor misunderstandings or expectations, uncrossed beings (such as ghosts) affecting people, animals, places, and even work related and creative endeavors. I am able to recognize and work with the underlying causes of ill-health, unrest, anger, sadness or numbness, providing release, relief, and rejuvenation. Higher fulfillment with a job, the strength and confidence to change a job. Better relationships or a peaceful departure from certain relationships. Releasing blocks to a clarity for understanding or articulating a certain situation. Working to heal yourself can (and WILL) radiate out to other aspects of your life and loved ones too. "When we heal a part in ourselves, we also heal that part in the world." -V. Maria, Tiny Buddha. "If you want to eliminate all the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation." - Lao Tzu.

How does “energy” have so much weight?

Good word to use!
The common phrase, "It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders!" is common for a reason. It is normal to describe something seemingly "weighing someone down," affecting their relationships, as "emotional baggage."  Well, there is a reason those phrases exist and resonate. Emotions are made of energy, like everything. They can and do get trapped in different places in and on us... bearing weight, physically mentally, and spiritually. As a result, they affect our clarity, vitality and overall health. The weight of this excess energy can contribute to disease, disfunction, anxiety, phobias, feeling scattered and flighty, stuck and stagnant, or blocked and cloudy to name a few ways it can manifest. I will identify and release negative emotions and other types of energetic saboteurs from your entire body and spirit. Our subconscious does remember everything we experience in all forms of sensory perception. The subconscious will carry the weight of emotional baggage even if we try to consciously move on and process our feelings - usually because we might not even identify every feeling certain experiences trigger in our sub/unconscious. Generally we are not aware we are holding on to so much. Some emotions or blocks will be tied to specific events in our lives. Some will be absorbed from others; some will be inherited from our ancestors passed down through the DNA.

how else can it affect us?? 

These "hidden" energies tend to create mild to serious issues within our physical functionality, such as digestion or vision, and/or issues with our emotional and mental states. "Sometimes your subconscious mind will take that extra energy that is now in the heart area, and it will literally make a ‘wall’ with it. Why? To protect your heart from injury; to keep your heart from being totally broken," Dr. Nelson, Emotion Code and Body Code Founder describes. "I believe that Heart Walls affect us in two ways. First, they block the heart energy from flowing through the body; this makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, and can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Second, they block us from fully opening our hearts to others." I have learned many systems that work to release emotional baggage, blocks, saboteurs and negative entities, lightening the heart, clearing a wall or binding, reconditioning the body for swift self healing, and bringing us to a healthier, happier state. I can find and release difficult karma that is passed down from your ancestors. As we live in different times with different belief systems, it is usually nearly impossible to carry out and complete to be free and move on. I am able to find and release karma absorbed or taken on from loved ones. I am able to discern if and what items or places have debilitating energies and an clear / transform that.

Some SCIENTIFIC excerpts about energy

To help explain how distance healing works…
"Another strange habit energetic particles have is they can be in more than one place at the same time. Called “superposition,” electrons and other non-particle particles are capable of being in hundreds of places simultaneously, which is only possible if everything is energy at the most fundamental levels" - C. Montana M.A.

"A previously unrecognized form of energy exists between living tissues; Cells and DNA communicate through this field of energy; Human emotion has a direct influence on living DNA; Distance appears to be of no consequence with regard to the effect.” -G. Braden: The Divine Matrix

"Entanglement is another freaky physics conundrum pointing that way. Once particles have interacted they become “entangled,” which means forever after they affect each other’s “spin” (which really isn’t a spinning motion at all but something called angular momentum). They are connected by an unseen energy of force that permeates everything" - C. Montana M.A.
I am able to untangle aspects of your energy from unwanted entanglements of any nature.

what are some specific focuses with your different modalities?

To pinpoint some of the modalities' describable functionalities simply....

Integrated Energy Therapy is an attunement based holistic energy therapy that works directly with our physical and energetic DNA at the cellular level to promote self healing. Like Emotion and Body Code, it targets and releases traumas and blockages. Then healing and balancing occurs in all of our energy systems.

We have more than seven Chakra energy vortexes that transmit and receive life-force energy. When unbalanced, we feel it in numerous ways, from subtle to extreme. Some examples of an extreme imbalance might show up as the following: Becoming triggered to rage very easily, finding yourself with an eating disorder, or operating with only basic ego survival modes. The extreme opposite imbalance can: give us mental fog and confusion, vision problems and sleep disorders, or limit us to a spacey, unfocused state, unable to materialize our dreams. When balanced, we are able to stay grounded and focused, with a fearless and steadfast, calm and clear approach to our endeavors and to our journey and life's mission we want for ourselves.

Reiki is a venerable technique for stress reduction and self healing, and support for processing and integrating big shifts. It can be administered by the practitioners hands in person or remotely and is based on the idea that "unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive." -

this all seems like a lot to figure out & take on

Our issues may seem limitless, but the potential reasons and remedies are also limitless! This is not something to be overwhelmed by though; on the contrary; let this understanding bring hope and optimism for obtaining the shifts you're looking for.. My intuition working with your soul will be fast and accurate despite any potential lack of conscious knowledge you have of some root causes. You will also soon find yourself more empowered to work through upcoming issues, current issues, or past issues that come to mind after a session.
As said by one of the most recognized & prominent energy practitioners and educators: “The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.” Barbara Brennan - School of Healing Science. I will find and release your blocks and diversions, heal your soul wounds, and strengthen your vitality  to get you on your path of self empowerment, recognition, healing and truth.

in conclusion

So, strive to reach your highest potential and best state of being. Allow your true light to emerge. It IS possible, no matter what you've been told, or what you have pondered from past experiences. Our natural state of being, when balanced and fully yourself, yields optimum health, vitality, confidence, clarity and freedom to all levels of your existence.

Photo: Hannah C Moorhead

Photo: Hannah C Moorhead